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Cloud / IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Flexible Management

    Manage, Create, & Deploy on the cloud with the tools you know best. ServedBy the Net uses the powerful VMware vCloud Suite. It's your choice with VMware vCloud Director, the VMware vCloud Connector, and ServedBy's centralized management for public & private clouds.

  • Hardware Clustering

    Cloud Infrastructure provides virtualized servers running within VMware vSphere clusters. This means that, even when there is a physical equipment failure, the cloud & virtualized environment supporting it remain online.

  • Flexible Connections

    Cloud Networks defined by your needs - ServedBy provides choice as you build networks in the cloud. From Private Networks, Dedicated Virtual Firewall Appliances, VPN Endpoints, to Dedicated Connectivity - Replicate even the most complex networks on our cloud.

  • Define Your Cloud

    We customize solutions to your business needs - whether it's a cloud that's internal and private, a public cloud that leverages external services, or a hybrid cloud that seamlessly and securely integrates both environments.

Custom Instance

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Windows Server

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HPC Servers

(High Performance Compute)

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Enterprise Linux

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