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ServedBy the Net, LLC, maintains an open peering policy towards requests at Public Internet Exchanges where our network is already established.
We have the following requirements for networks peering directly with ServedBy the Net:
  • Peering party must provide a reliable technical contact and/or supply information for a 24x7 Network Operations Center
  • Peering party must provide a cooperative effort to negotiate any peering or abuse related issues
  • Peering party will not abuse the peering relationship by pointing a default route or attempting to modify any next-hop
  • Peering party must peer at all exchange in which both parties mutually have a presence We reserve our full rights to not to peer with any entity for any reason
  • We reserve our full right to idle the session for any reason and for any time period, we will notify the peering party within 30 days should this occur
  • We reserve the right to terminate peering at any time, for any reason, with 30 days notice
  • We reserve the right to make any changes to this policy as necessary from time to time as we see fit
We maintain a peering record, with technical peering details, on PeeringDB:


To initiate a peering request, send an e-mail including your organization's ASN, network information, and details of your request to:

ServedBy the Net, LLC, currently participates with the following IXPapos;s:

This document was last modified on 05-01-2014

Please contact us directly if you wish to request the latest version of ServedBy the Net's BGP Peering Policies.

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