Serving Clouds from Seattle ®

Get the most out of your move to the cloud!

  • Global Solutions

    Looking to centralize within your region or around the world, the cloud has the most to offer.
  • Simple & Effective

    Replicate your entire datacenter to our cloud - without standing up from your desk.
  • Cloud IaaS

    IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, provides the most benefit alongside flexibility in the cloud.
  • Enterprise Applications

    Our cloud is built around the dependable integrity of the enterprise.

Virtual Datacenter Solutions for every need
Looking for more dependable cloud infrastructure? Say hello to Virtual Data-Centers from ServedBy the Net!

  • vCPUs (Cores)
  • vRAM (GB)
  • Dedicated IPv4 Subnet
  • Dedicated IPv6 ::/64 Subnet
  • Private (VLAN) Networks
  • FC SAN Cluster-Storage (/GB)
  • VMWare vSphere HA/DRS Clusters
  • VMWare vCloud Management
  • More Information:

Scale On-Demand with our Adaptive Cloud Architecture
The tools & technologies you need, available on-demand, with ServedBy's Cloud Solutions .

  • Adaptive Portal & API
    Powerful management tools & integrations with VMWare vCloud Director & the VMware vCloud API.
  • IPv6 Ready Network
    Receive IPv4 & IPv6 allocations dedicated to your company.
  • Custom Solutions  
    We work with your business to provide cloud solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Cost Scalability
    Pay for only the resources you need with flexible pay as you go pricing.
  • Centralized Simplicity
    Placing applications on the ServedBy cloud simplifies & accelerates deployment, management, and the end-user's experience.
  • Scalable Networks
    Unleash your application's potential with our burstable & low-latency internet bandwidth.
  • Dependable Solutions
    Leave the Infrastructure to us and focus on what you do best.
  • Dedicated Security
    Dedicated firewall endpoints with VMWare vShield inlcuded. Advanced solutions available.