On-Demand Performance & Stability.

We live in a fast-paced world in which there are inevitably new demands that need to be met instantaneously. ServedBy the Net provides the high-performance resources and agility necessary to fulfill those needs. You have the flexibility to customize servers on our cloud to fit your needs. Scale with confidence as you add or remove servers, processors, memory, and storage. Our resilient optical network provides reliable and quick access to servers that are running on our Cloud.

ServedBy the Net | Serving Clouds from Seattle

Cloud Reliability Virtualized Servers in the ServedBy Cloud withstand hardware failure using high availability and equipment on stand-by, resulting in optimum uptime. Peak performance and reliability are derived through our intelligently engineered redundant and diverse architecture.

Take Control ServedBy the Net's Cloud Infrastructure as a Service provides companies with the control and integration to scale with their needs.

Instant Results The Cloud offers a variety of benefits, including financial efficiency, a predictable operating expense, and increased business mobility. Simple and fast: complete objectives with immediate results. It no longer takes a month to provision a new server; users can service themselves on the cloud in minutes.